Saturday, January 6, 2007

Maya Meri Maya, once again....

According to yesteryear pop star Sanjay Shrestha, veteran filmmaker Deepak Rayamajhi is all set to make a movie titled 'Maya Meri Maya'. Shedding more light on the matter, he states that the title of this movie has been taken from his song "Maya Meri Maya", which was a very popular song during its time. He says, "This flick is going to be directed and produced by Deepak Rayamajhi. One of the songs in this movie is going to be the same track i.e. "Maya Meri Maya" and the rest of the numbers will be composed by me." "Maya Meri Maya is a song included in the first album of Sanjaya Shrestha -- 'Mode'.

Recently, Sanjay has completed the composition for Raju Shah's movie 'Sapana Ko Naulo Sansar' and for Sovit Basnet's new movie. He mentions that his sixth album 'Timi Bina' under the name of 'Crossroads' will be released sometime during April this year; being released after a gap of five years. His last album was 'Jau Timi Jau'. "I am hopeful that today's youth are going to love the songs on 'Timi Bina' since I have incorporated music that they go for! The delay in the release of 'Timi Bina' is because I was busy with my personal work." shares Sanjay.

Since 1992, Sanjay has been releasing albums with the name of his one time band 'Crossroads'. A decade has already passed by since 'Crossroads' disbanded but Sanjay still prefers to use the name 'Crossroads'. When we asked him the reason for tagging the name Crossroads with his new music, he mentions, "The band members of 'Crossroads' as well as the band introduced me to the Music industry of Nepal. Now, though the band does not exist, I still have the sentiments and the emotional attachment to it. People do recognize me as an individual but I want the 'Crossroads' to be remembered for a long time. There was a time when I had thought of adding new members to the band and hit the road but so far nothing has been worked out!"


robyn (nepal) said...

Im a great fan of him.Sanjay shrestha is the King of slow rock of Nepal. Im reali hoping to get all of his mp3 files, from vol 1 to the latest one. mainly naya mode, and ghumda ghumdai. pls if uve got the files, pls sent it to me at:

Ranjit said...

Great song and so nicely played..